In the field of business law, we offer a full range of legal services in Romanian, English and Greek, services that include:, cât și în engleză și greacă, servicii care includ:

  • Legal consultancy regarding the start-up and the optimal legal way of organizing the commercial activity of the companies;
  • Establishment, modification and liquidation of commercial companies, authorized natural persons/family associations, non-profit organizations (associations, foundations), cooperative companies; societăți comerciale, întreprinderi individuale/persoane fizice autorizate/asociații familiale, organizații non-profit (asociații, fundații), societăți cooperative;
  • Operations to increase or decrease the social capital, changes in the shareholders structure or in the structure of the management bodies of the companies;
  • Consultancy and representation regarding the obtaining of authorizations, approvals and documents necessary for the organization of the commercial activity;
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts for the sale and purchase of goods, distribution, franchise, leasing, etc.;
  • Specialized legal assistance regarding the optimal ways of financing companies, such as loan agreements with credit institutions, financing through the capital market;
  • Assistance and representation in disputes between professionals.

We provide you with the establishment of the registered office, both temporarily and for long periods. stabilirea sediului social, atât temporar cât și pentru perioade îndelungate

In this area, it is extremely important to ensure legal assistance and representation to achieve the best possible outcome for your business. juridică pentru a obține cel mai bun rezultat posibil pentru afacerea dvs.

  • Consulting activities in order to avoid the state of insolvency;
  • Starting and completing insolvency, restructuring or bankruptcy procedures;
  • Negotiating repayment agreements with your creditors or debtors;
  • Recovery of money owed by an insolvent person or company;
  • Resolving disputes if you owe debts to an insolvent company;
  • Protecting family assets if a family member is insolvent.

Clients benefit from the competence of our team, with solid academic training. Our lawyers usually handle various projects involving, among others: 

  • Making legal reports (due diligence reports) for the acquisition, execution and disposal of real estate projects;
  • Full assurance of legal support for the realization of the green field type of real estate investments, as well as for industrial constructions - office or residential constructions;
  • Purchases/sales and associations for real estate developments;
  • Management and financing of real estate projects;
  • Extended legal assistance in relation with the competent public authorities in the field of urban planning field, in order to obtain the urban planning certificate, various approvals and authorizations, as well as in the stage of reception of works;
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing real estate contracts; referitoare la imobile;
  • Drafting of association contracts and consulting activities related to the preparation of association contracts.

We provide integrated legal services during the various stages of the urban development process, in collaboration with architects and other specialists, such as, but not limited to, the analysis and processing of planning instruments and specific planning instruments (general plans of land development or its modification, zonal urban plans, urban development plans, regional plans, detailed studies, action plans for urban development, governance of urban development, development schemes, regulations such as authorizations, notifications, declarations and reinstatements of authorizations building, planning and urban redevelopment documents), obtaining the urban planning certificate, the construction permit, assistance and representation of the client in front of public institutions, representation and assistance in disputes with the authorities of the administration with competences in the field of urban planning and construction authorization. planificare specifice (planuri generale de amenajare a terenului sau de modificare acestuia, planuri urbanistice zonale, planuri urbanistice de dezvoltare, planuri regionale, studii detaliate, planuri de acțiune pentru dezvoltare urbană, guvernanța dezvoltării urbane, scheme de dezvoltare, reglementări precum autorizații, notificări, declarații și reintegrări ale autorizațiilor de construire, documente de amenajare și reamenajare urbană), obținere a certificatului de urbanism, a autorizației de construire, asistență și reprezentare a clientului în fața instituțiilor publice, reprezentarea și asistența în litigiile cu autoritățile administrației cu competențe în domeniul urbanismului și al autorizării construcțiilor.

  • Consulting activities on various aspects of civil law;
  • Legal assistance and representation in administrative and judicial procedures regarding the reconstitution of property rights over real estate;
  • Preparation, analysis and review of various types of civil contracts;
  • Drafting and supporting the civil law actions in front of the courts, in various phases of the litigation
  • Execution of the decisions issued by the courts;
  • Succession law: consultancy and legal assistance in specific cases.
  • Assistance and representation in divorce actions;
  • Assistance and representation in partition actions (division of joint assets during or after the divorce);
  • Assistance and representation in actions that have as their object the interests of minors;
  • Assistance and representation in actions which have as object tutelage/guardianship
  • Assistance and representation in guardianship actions;
  • Assistance and representation in actions which have as object the termination of the parental rights
  • Assistance and representation in actions whose object is other actions aimed at relationships regulated by family law.
  • Assistance and representation in the process of negotiating the terms of individual employment contracts or collective employment contracts;
  • Drafting and revision of individual employment contracts and/or collective employment contracts;
  • Representation in labor law disputes, including those involving the illegal termination of employment contracts, discrimination, harassment, the granting of monetary rights, defamation, etc.;

Our concrete activity includes the preparation of the defense strategy, the drafting of specific document, as well as the support before the judicial bodies.

Legal assistance covers all phases of the criminal process, from the criminal investigation, to the trial, in the ordinary and extraordinary procedures, the formulation of the defense strategy, the drafting of specific documents: complaints, requests, representation in preventive measures, such as preventive or house arrest, European arrest warrant, judicial control or insurance measures, respectively seizure, studying the documents provided by the client, as well as preparation of reports based on these documents and proposing legal solutions.

If you urgently need a lawyer for any issue in the field of criminal law, you can contact us at any time on the phone number 0040726 396 860. de un avocat pentru orice problema din domeniul dreptului penal, ne puteți contacta la orice oră la numărul de telefon 0726 396 860.