The activity of the office began in 2007, when Iovan Aura Cristina - Law Office brought together the efforts and experience of several collaborating lawyers from Bucharest, each of them specialized in different branches of law.

Since its foundation, the office has been in a process of evolution, due to the desire to improve and offer the best services to our clients, a considerable segment of activity being represented by the services we offer to clients outside the country, both individuals and legal entities.

As a law office, we are constantly responsive to the problems, needs and goals of our clients and we also ensure that the commitment made to them will be respected every time within the terms and limits imposed by the client.

Throughout the development of a file entrusted to our office for resolution, the client will be periodically informed about its status, the progress achieved, as well as about the actions to be taken further, our team relying on efficient and transparent communication with each client.

In order to improve the legal activities and implicitly to maximize the results, we have developed excellent collaborations with other legal professionals, both in Bucharest and in the country, such as bailiffs, insolvency practitioners, notaries, judicial experts, authorized translators, real estate agents, accounting experts, architects.

We also provide full accounting services – after the establishment of the company, we ensure that the following tax procedures are completed (such as obtaining the VAT code, assistance and representation before the tax authorities, etc.).


The fees will be evaluated in relation to the difficulty, extent or estimated timeframe of resolution of the legal matter. Their determination will depend on the following elements:

  • The time and volume of work required to execute the mandate received or the specific activity requested by the client;
  • The nature, complexity and difficulty of the case entrusted to our law office;
  • The need to work with other specialists (bailiffs, notaries public, authorized translators, real estate agents, architects), imposed by the nature, object, complexity or difficulty of the legal matter;
  • The advantages and results obtained for the client's benefit, as a result of the lawyer’s performance.


  • During the development of the contractual relations, Iovan Aura Cristina Law Office will be your company's own legal department, made up of a team of lawyers, who will ensure the permanent legal assistance of the client.
  • You will benefit at any time from legal services at the highest professional standards offered by our office, capable of solving any problem that your company may face.
  • We will be permanently present where you need us, at the headquarters of your company or in the courts, to defend your commercial interests.
  • You will not be worried about ensuring the resources necessary for the operation of a legal department (payroll taxes, office space, computers, utilities, etc.).
  • The costs allocated by your company to such a collaboration will be substantially reduced compared to those assumed by a collaboration based on punctual, hourly fee and will be known from the very beginning, being related to a fair and predictable price of legal services.